“Fully Worked Sherlock 2”

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Chris Hubbard

About Chris: I’m Chris a total weirdo with a fucked up sense of Humor I think of myself as an “honorable” person, but I do have my issues, same as the next man. I’ve gained weight recently and it feels good. I live in Sandy Oregon and Blow Glass Full time for a living. Check out my Gallery at ( ) or at and click on the link. Work is my life these days, I love what I do, I’m good at it, and it pays the bills. I’d do it for free even if it didn’t Pay Shit…. The glassblowing community has become family for me (everything from the Love-to-the-Hate, lol) and I Plan on Opening a retail Store soon to further my Love for Glassblowing. This is a fully worked sherlock.

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